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🍦 Tired of feeling SQUISHY?

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Are you sick of feeling squishy?

Are you tired of eating healthy but not looking like you do?

I was there.

My mom was there.

1000 other women just like you were there too.

It was just a few years ago that I was eating “healthy” but had 0 visible results.

I still had a layer of fat even though I gave up oil, processed foods, etc.

The vegan doctors personally told me I was obese.

I went whole food plant based thinking it was a magic diet but it left me even more frustrated. 

My diet was full of clean foods, and I spent my time trying to find the best exercises to get that “toned” look so I could love what I saw in the mirror.

But no matter how healthy I ate or how many banded booty workouts I tried, I felt like it was never enough- I felt like I was never enough.

So here I was on the left- eating a ton of veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds and still had a layer of fluff.

My vegan doctor even categorized me as “obese” at one point.

What was I doing wrong?

Maybe I need meat for protein? Maybe I need to count calories? Maybe I need to intermittent fast?

I still felt anxious, self-conscious, and just downright stuck. 

I wanted to be an athlete.

I wanted to say YES to adventure. 

I wanted to find myself.

It took me a while but what I realized is this:

I realized that it wasn’t about fat loss for me.

It was about conquering the limiting beliefs that started in MY mind.

You see, health is mental and physical. 

I had to build a resilient mindset FIRST.

Let me reiterate that: strong mind comes first.

This is why sooo many people can't maintain weight loss.

Because they go after the BODY before the mind. 

The magic is in the process: doing hard things, building lasting habits, showing up for yourself even when you don’t want to.

All throughout my journey, I studied and started work as an engineer. 

I was good at math and science and wanted to help people.

Engineering was "safe," but my heart was never in it.

I had a side hustle of personal training and instructing group fitness classes. I was then taking classes to get my nutrition certifications.

I went to medical conferences and whole food plant based vegan potlucks on the weekends.
I started developing high protein vegan recipes and created an Instagram account to showcase them.

I would wake up at 4am, commute to work, crush a workout, and spend all my free time studying my true passion: merging whole food plant based nutrition to fitness goals.

I finally had the body I wanted, felt in control of my anxiety, and figured out the food part. But something was still lacking…

My coworkers would make fun of my lunches. Pictured here is me eating a purple sweet potato!

I ended up getting a big promotion at work- one that I thought was going to make me happy.

Instead, I felt like I was living a lie.

I decided that one day I would quit my corporate job to do my “passion” full time.

I discovered all the “tools” required to achieve and maintain my dream body. 

And I wanted to share it with every single woman who feels the same way I did.

I MUST shout out my most favorite client...my own mother.

When I quit. my job and moved back home, it was during that time the gyms shut down and my mom no longer could go to her beloved workout classes at the gym.

She was distraught, but was finally ready to listen to what I've been telling her all along- to tweak her WFPB (whole food plant based) diet for fitness AND to start resistance training!

So we started with just 2 workouts at home...and she transformed instantly.

Her fluff was GONE. She was lean and trim. She had toned arms.

She is so happy. She never believed she could look like this!!!! And YOU CAN TOO.

I would have never had the guts to make a career change if it wasn’t for the confidence I gained by establishing my fitness and nutrition routine.

Looking back, all of the “uncomfortable” things I did- 4am wakeups, training to be a beach lifeguard despite a fear of water, saying yes to skydiving as a first date…led me to finding ME.

I'm not special.

If I can do it, so can you.

I’ve worked with 1,000’s of women worldwide, just like you, on how to build a healthy lifestyle.

A lifestyle filled with delicious and easy foods that you look forward to eating.

A lifestyle filled with small wins every single day that add up to huge ones.

Another one of my favorite transformations is my mom's BFF Susan. We actually met Susan at a potluck YEARS ago- and she even worked for Furhman (a vegan doctor)-

Basically Susan felt my mom's frustration too of eating super healthy but not having the "lean look."

On the left...Susan was even lifting!

She had been doing Crossfit for over 6 years at that point and was at a standstill.

Nutrition was her missing link.

It's been 2 years since Susan completed my program. Her daughter is getting married and she has maintained her results and is so excited to try on Mother of the Bride dresses.

Are YOU ready to take the leap?

The hardest part is taking the first step. 

The perfect time will NEVER come- the perfect time is NOW if:

- You want to look good naked

- You eat healthy but don’t look fit

- You’re tired of being in the yo-yo diet cycle

- You're simply exhausted of sifting through all the information out there

- You’re desperate to make lasting change that works for YOUR lifestyle

- You’re ready to step into the healthiest version of YOU

If you answered “YES” to the above, then its your time to learn about my 1-1 Coaching Program.

Above is a button to book in for a 1-1 call with me. During this call, I will get a sense of your current routine and lifestyle and take the time to learn about YOU. If I feel we wouldn't be a good fit, I WILL tell you.

Let's see how my methods worked for women just like you...

Meet Jaime, lost 60lbs on her own and hit the plateau...

Most clients, like Jaime, know what to do to LOSE the weight- but don’t know how to maintain it.

She came to PLCU after losing 60 pounds all on her own by severe caloric restriction and cardio. She had reached a plateau with a few pounds left to lose that wasn’t budging.

We designed a nutrition plan that suited HER work schedule, and taught her how to eat whatever she wanted without FEAR that she would gain the weight back.

Jaime has created a whole new version of herself and wants to go back to school to become a health coach. 

Jaime now eats 2300 Calories a day and is lean.

Imagine if she didn’t join….

Meet Ro, 30, who gained the quarantine lbs

She went from commuting every day into the city to transitioning to remote working and constantly stress eating. Like many, she lost herself and the motivation she used to have for the gym.

She has a VERY busy social life as she entertains clients for work so when things started opening up, she was able to still go out and drink alcohol without self-sabotaging. That is a huge piece of my coaching- being able to lose fat with 0 restrictions. 

Like many, Ro was hesitant to join because of her crazy schedule- she initially delayed it. However, once she went all in, her mental health skyrocketed so much that her fiancé called to thank me.

The before and after is only the window into the actual transformation that happens once you realize how much time you GAIN once you learn effective strategies. 

Meet Kelly, 60, wanting to feel "sexy" again

Kelly came to me after trying a high carb and low fat vegan diet that just didn't work for her.

She, like so many women, gained weight during menopause and was trying to eat healthy but it was an uphill battle with her metabolism and hormones. She was frustrated and struggling to feel like her spunky self again. 

Fast forward 4 months later and after a LOT of tears during our coaching calls, she bought new bikinis and feels like her old self again. The best part is that we just made simple tweaks to her diet and she only worked out twice a week. 

What was the secret to this success? We FINALLY got her the results she deserved by developing a plan around HER lifestyle, HER metabolism, and HER body. I love proving to each and every woman that there is NOTHING wrong with them and that the process DOES work. Do not give up on yourself.

Meet Rebecca, 30, Weight Loss Journey Post Baby

Rebecca lost 80lbs on her own transitioning to a high carb low fat whole food plant based diet called the “starch solution.” It works well for weight loss up until a point where you have to transition to maintenance mode. 

Rebecca knew she needed a coach to walk alongside her for the final piece of her weight loss journey. She was ready to merge her healthy foundation in nutrition with her fitness goals. She just had her second baby, so she wanted easy workouts and meals to fit around her crazy schedule.

She had believed, like so many moms, that spending time working on HER dream body was ‘selfish’ but soon realized that her new strength and energy just made her a better version of herself.

Fast forward 3 months later and Rebecca is finally in HER dream body- noticing muscles she’s never seen before, picking up her toddlers with ease and feeling more confident than EVER!!!! 

Again, Rebecca, like all my clients lost the last few pounds but the confidence she GAINED is worth more than any number on a scale. She has the tools to continue building her new lifestyle on her own, without ever needing a coach again.

“I'm scared to commit because I've tried EVERYTHING in the past....”

I get it. It's scary, but you will have to do take action to get to your goal. Why not take these actions while eating your favorite foods and having the MOST support?

The hardest part is the first step. There’s sooo much information out there that it could be extremely daunting.

This confusion is why you’re stuck and why sooo many women are too. As your coach, I will do all the backend work for you and give you the blueprint to actual results.

You will have structure and a foolproof plan that includes date nights, favorite foods, vacations and family outings. I am a big proponent of balance and there are absolutely 0 restrictions here.

You will have a tailored and structured nutrition and workout plan sent to you every week.

That’s the beauty of online coaching- the plan will adjust wherever life takes you- forgot your lunchbox, going to a surprise work dinner, or on vacation- your coach will be messaging with you 24/7 to ensure you are supported.

However, I could give you the best workout routine and meal plan in the world, but if you don’t have someone checking in with you constantly…are you actually going to do it?

In fact, when you think about it, you could just search for free meal plans and workouts online and figure it out on your own…

So why should you hire me?

Not to toot my own horn, but I have the best recipes.

As your coach, I will be holding you to your promises- giving you 5am wake up calls so you can build your habits.

You need accountability.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would nag you to brush your teeth every night?

You’re an adult now- and I (hope) you brush your teeth on your own by now.

That’s because you had the external accountability of your parents that turned into an internal habit.

Habit Creation through accountability is the biggest aspect of my coaching. I will refuse to let you give up or slip up.

All of these incredible transformations happened because they had a coach walking alongside them on their journey. 

It’s easy to fall off track after a weekend, sickness or vacation. But for these next four months I will be making it nearly impossible for you to fail. 

The only way for you to fail is if you stop showing up.

You will never find another coaching program with 400 recipes quite like mine....

Your future self is waiting...

I must stress that no two women have the same program.

Each program is tailored to everyone’s unique lifestyle, their work and travel schedule, social life, kids, etc. 

This is why our success rate is so high. Like I said earlier, its impossible to fail. 

I work from a system of principles to simplify your journey and get you to your results as fast as possible.

Fueling your body to live forever is critical. Losing fat with 0 food restrictions is equally as critical. With many different options and opinions on the “perfect diet,” it’s easy to get confused. The perfect diet is the one that YOU love. Whether it’s fully vegan, partially plant based, or flexitarian, you will love what you eat. 

- Done for you weekly meal templates, shopping lists, and recipes that involves allll of your favorite foods

- My custom recipes that make veggies taste really good- buns, breads, nice cream, delicious salads, etc. so you can get excited to eat real food

- How to eat at any restaurant without sabotaging your results - How to travel without sabotaging your results

- FULL nutrition education on how to build a healthy lifestyle for your needs, long-term goals, and body type

- Minimum 2x a week workouts to maximize the return on your time investment

- Effective fat burning workouts that don’t leave you exhausted

- Learn how to do LESS and eat more

- Learn how to build your own workouts so you can keep going even after our coaching is completed.

Instilling new habits is an important part of our journey together. The brain loves goals. We will redefine what you think you are capable of and crush the limiting beliefs you have about your self-image. 

- Habit Creation System to break through cravings and the “all or nothing” mindset- Learn how to set and crush realistic small goals

- Learn how to never rely on motivation again

- Learn how to manage your time effectively, control your stress, and live the life you deserve. 

Consistency is KEY

Your custom protocols and systems will be effortless to follow with me by your side.
- 24/7 messaging with your Coach

- Weekly 1:1 Check in Calls to assess your progress and TEACH you everything you need to know to maintain your results

- Private FB Community to share your wins with your new family members- women just like you all around the globe

- Team Group Chats and challenges to keep your journey fun and exciting

- Access to my Client Portal with 30 hours of video modules and my 400+ recipes in PDF cookbooks

- Weekly Lecture and Group Coaching Calls for extra support

Ready to get started?

Before you schedule your free assessment call, I want you to know that you are about to change your life.

You will love my recipes. You will gain confidence. You will need to buy new clothes.

Getting to your end result- a lifetime of LIVING- will require showing up every single day.

If you are ready, then click the button below.

If you feel like "its not a good time," let me tell you that there is NEVER going to be a right time...so just click the button below.

Every single woman who joined was scared. 

But they realized that nothing changes if nothing changes...

You have 3 options now.

  • Stay Stuck: You are going to buy your results in money or time. Life is short and staying stuck is extremely painful. Constantly worrying about food and how you look is extremely stressful and taxing on your health. 
  • Go Backwards: You won't realize it, but the weight creeps up very quickly.
  • Breakthrough: Take the leap. I am so confident in your results that I have a money-back guarantee

Still need some convincing? 

She lost 100 pounds

She lost 30 pounds in 3 months

Do you want to lose the last 10?

She went from fearing peanut butter to eating over 700 calories more! 

Raw Vegan, Juicing, High Carb Vegan...nothing ever stuck until PLCU

She finally found what worked for HER lifestyle

Victoria couldn't stick to vegan meal plans because they were too complicated...

Do I have to count calories to do your program?

Fanny wasn't eating enough vegan protein....

Hear how she was able to put on 3lb of lean muscle in PLCU.

Fit at ANY age:

Karen is over 50 and shredded 15 pounds of body fat during PLCU.

How to Eat for HEALTH and FITNESS

Geena was eating a very healthy "high carb low fat" vegan diet prior to joining the program but couldn't achieve the physique she wanted...

Over-eating "healthy" foods:

How Jules gained confidence through establishing a CONSISTENT fitness routine:

From 'Junk Food Vegan' to 'Fit Vegan'

Hear how Lupe was able to establish a fitness routine despite her busy acting schedule:

Testimonial with my FAVORITE client, @PlantLifeChoseMom:

Check out these plant-powered transformations!

We can BUILD MUSCLE AND LOSE FAT simultaneously. Daphne lost 15 pounds in 3 months by learning vegan macros and strength training at home.
Rocio lost 15 pounds in 3 months by implementing Rose's Meal Prep System and Weighted Abs Method.
Karen is over 50 and never was able to get results until joining PLCU. She has never looked or felt better and lost 15 pounds in the 3 months of the program!
Nataliya lost 27 pounds in less than 3 months by working out consistently and learning vegan macros.
Alex lost 23 pounds in 3 months at HOME as a busy mom who works 12 hours a day 6 days a week.
Nei lost 22 pounds in 2 months at HOME by implementing Rose's Meal Prep System and going on daily walks.
Kathleen lost 10 pounds at HOME while learning how to set up a 80% plant-based diet. 
Kelli is over 50 and was eating high carb whole food plant based and still couldn't lose the last 10. By incorporating more plant protein into her diet, she has never felt more confident!
Carla had been vegan for four years but never knew how to set up fitness meals or stop craving chocolate until completing the program. She has never felt better!
Faith gained some plant based muscle and learned how to write her own workout routine. She also did her first unassisted pull-up.
Ro lost 11 pounds in the first month of the program. She was eating junk food vegan and stopped working out before the program. She crushed her excuses and limiting beliefs! 
Belle wanted to learn how to gear her diet toward her fitness goals. She was following the high carb low fat whole food plant based vegan diet, but she wasn't able to achieve the body she wanted. With a few tweaks and learning how to properly strength train, Belle is feeling awesome! 
Jules was eating LESS FOOD on the left even though she was lifting. By learning how to nourish her body and set up a proper training program with progressive overload, she has never felt more confident than she does now .
Amanda wasn't eating enough. She is eating 500 more calories and this is her ONE MONTH progress photo!
Mel went from eating 1500 calories to eating over 2200 and was able to totally transform the shape of her body. Sometimes, a reverse diet approach is needed! 
Marsha lost 15 pounds from home workouts and dialing in her vegan nutrition. She was able to take control of her quarantine snacking and now wakes up at 5am to workout. 
Susan is over 50 and has been a vegan cross-fitter for years. She never knew how to get the body she wanted. This is her ONE MONTH progress photo. She had to buy some belts.
Liz is over 50 and wanted abs. Through learning vegan macros and learning how to lift, she has never looked better!
Fanny went from being a "skinny vegan stick" to JACKED. Through learning macros and how to set up a proper workout routine, she put on 3lb of lean muscle in the 3 month program.
Brennan is the perfect example of body recomposition and following Rose's Weighted Abs Method.
Jaime is a busy nurse who finally lost the "last 10 pounds" when she began the program. She is now eating 800 more calories than she was when she first started.
Jaime has MAINTAINED her physique and we are now beginning a bulk. The photo on the right was taken mid-October!
Deb is a busy mom of 3 who lost 12 pounds at home in the 3 month program. She learned exactly how to meal prep efficiently and did this without counting a single calorie.
Lindsay reached her pre-pregnancy weight while doing home workouts and learning how to tailor her whole food plant based diet to fitness goals. And can we just say...Rose's ab methods work!
Julie added 30lbs to her squat max in the 3 month program. She also went from not being able to do a single pull-up to being able to do four!
Kayla was working 3 jobs and was able to lose over 10% body fat. Her biggest win was all of the energy she gained despite being so "busy."
Nicole learned how to strength train AT HOME with only 5lb dumbbells and loves how noticeable her posture improvement is.
Kim lost 15 pounds at home right before she found out she was pregnant!!!!!!!!
Marissa used to eat a high carb whole food plant based diet (STARCH SOLUTION) and lost INCHES by learning macros and doing home workouts. She only has 3lb dumbbells at home!
Alex is a busy engineer who travels for work. She would rely on junk food and didn't have a STRATEGIES. She was able to build a healthy lifestyle and lose 15 pounds in just 3 months of PLCU! She now has a fit lifestyle.
Nicole is actually eating more now than she was when starting the program. In just 6 WEEKS she looks like a new person. This is the beauty of the reverse diet approach.
Geena had been eating a high carb whole food plant based diet and never could get her dream body. In just 3 WEEKS the entire shape of her body has changed after adding in some more plant protein.
Daisy never thought she'd be able to break her addiction to junk food but she loves eating her salads and lost over 15 pounds in 3 months.
Sarah is a vegan fitness coach who never made time to coach herself. She learned how to balance her gluten free and vegan macros and lost over 12 pounds in 3 months.
Lindsey is a busy nurse who is cutting for summer and eating primarily whole food plant based in the process. With Rose's Weighted Abs Method, her abs came back in 3 weeks.
Kristin is a busy mom of 3 who finally "lost the last 10 pounds" (+ more) and learned how to eat to maintain her weight loss. She loves waking up at 4am to workout and Rose's Weighted Abs Method!
Lauren was a new vegan who couldn't figure out how to lose weight. She is a busy operating room nurse who didn't know how to meal prep. After implementing Rose's Meal Prep Method, she lost 17 pounds and has more energy than ever.
Katie is a busy teacher who wasn't eating enough to fuel her workouts. She learned how to meal prep delicious easy vegan meals and did her first pull-up!
Gab was already eating a  whole food plant based vegan diet but couldn't lose weight. By learning how to set up fit vegan meals and strength training, she lost 8 pounds at home.
Jacey was a whole food plant based vegan college athlete who thought she was eating healthy. She said this program was the "missing link" to finally being able to achieve that lean look she always wanted.
Lauren shred 10 pounds of body fat by dialing in her nutrition and setting up a Cravings Crusher Plan with Rose to break her junk food habit.

Check out even more testimonials from Instagram Live!


What exactly is the PLCU program?

The PLCU program is a 4 month program designed to help women achieve their dream plant based bodies.

What's the cost?

Hear Jaime's explain why investing in yourself is the BEST decision...

This is NOT a cookie cutter program. Each lady has their own unique plan and installment options. 

The application process will start with a Goals Call where we will find out exactly what you will need in order to reach whatever goals you have. 

If we decide we are a good fit to work together, we will make the finances work for you!

What's different about this program?

1. We merge Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Nutrition to fitness goals. WFPB dietary patterns are proven to prevent, reverse and treat 15 out of the 16 chronic diseases in our Western society. However, this way of eating has to be optimized to fitness goals. That’s where we come in! We will TEACH you exactly how you can “live forever” while maintaining your dream body.

2. Customization: Each client has a completely unique workout and nutrition program. We will work with you to create your SYSTEMS that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and schedule. Those systems are how our clients are able to maintain the weight loss forever: they keep executing the routines we set up for them during the program.

3. The Recipes! As far as we know, no other coaching program will teach you how to perfectly nail the Nice Cream consistency. 

Do I need to be vegan or plant based in order to join?

Nope! Since everything is 100% customized, we will cater your nutrition plan to whatever you like to eat.

Do I need to have gym access?

As long as you have your own body-weight we will create an awesome and challenging workout program. Fancy equipment does not mean faster results.

Am I too old to join?

There is absolutely no age limit here! Our clients range in age from 18 to in their 70's. It is never too late to implement a strength training or nutrition routine. 

Even my clients who claim they have tried "everything" and nothing has worked after menopause still find incredible success because of the level of customization and sustainability this program offers.

How does it work online?

Our clients use the PLCU app to receive their workouts and track their progress. 

We firmly believe that going to a personal trainer is a waste of money. Personal trainers don't TEACH you anything, so you have to keep going and paying if you want to keep seeing results. This also correlates to seeing a nutritionist. 

From day 1 of the program, you will be LEARNING. We will first get an understanding of areas of your life that need improvement, and then we will create effective systems for you so that you can build sustainable habits. For example, if you are someone who stress eats every night after work, we will create a plan for you to break that habit.

The best part of the program is the SUPPORT:

-We offer 24/7 messaging support and will be holding your hand throughout your journey.

-We offer virtual personal training sessions to ensure you are nailing your form.

-We have yoga and meditation instructors lead group classes to help mitigate your stress.

-We have a private Facebook group where you surround yourself with other like-minded women and participate in challenges. 

Meet my Amazing Coaching Team- 50+ years of experience between all of us

And even more testimonials from the Youtube Channel!

From "skinny" vegan to loving weight training, hear how Hanna transformed!

Are you a new vegan who is sick of eating chickpeas for protein? 

Hear Katie's story!

Already eating plant based and can't get that toned "look?" 

Hear Jacey's story!

Think you're too busy to make a life change right now?

Watch this!

Rose, founder and Head Coach

I know what you are feeling right now.

This is the same feeling I had right before I went skydiving.

This is the same feeling I had right before I quit my job.

Scared out of my mind.

But the thought that was even scarier? Staying in the same exact place.

You deserve to take action. Your future self is waiting...

Let me remind you again what's about to happen... 

You will start to CRAVE healthy food.

Your friends will notice how VIBRANT you are.

You will need to buy new clothes.